We Launched Our New Website for Our Dental Practice

We are excited to announce the launch of the newly redesigned [PRACTICE NAME] website. When we knew it was time to update our website, we partnered with TheeDigital, a company with extensive experience in dental website design and dental marketing. Our goal was to have a modern website that not only reflects our practice’s values and dedication to our patients, but also provides a simple, efficient browsing experience for patients and visitors. Pair that with an easy-to-use content management system for our company, and we are thrilled with the result! We hope you are too!

Our new website is built on WordPress, a content management platform that lets us easily update and edit our website so we can share photos and videos, bring you the latest news in dentistry, share dental health tips, and even add special offers to help you save money!

An Enjoyable Customer Experience

Our main goal for our new site is to provide you with an enjoyable experience. We wanted to embrace some of the latest dental web design trends for an attractive, modern look, while also making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for, whether you want to learn more about a procedure, schedule an appointment, or fill out new patient paperwork.

We know you may be visiting us from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, which is why we’re thrilled to feature responsive web design technology. This means our website “responds to” the device you are using to create an optimal viewing and navigating experience, whether you’re at your desktop or you’re scrolling on your phone.

Easy Updates for Accurate, Up-to-Date Info

Not only is the design and browsing experience convenient and intuitive for you, but the back end side is easy to use for our team, too. Instead of having to bring a developer in for every update, we can do nearly everything ourselves. Our team loves being able to share new photos and videos, post about special events and update our blog whenever we want!

Before our site was ready to launch, TheeDigital provided comprehensive training so we could get the most out of our site. We love how simple it is to streamline our communications and manage different operations in one place so we can spend less time doing admin and operations tasks and more time helping you.

Search Engine Optimization

The digital marketing team at TheeDigital leveraged WordPress’s features that make SEO for dentists a snap. SEO, or search engine optimization, simply means that our website features design elements and content that makes it easy to find when patients look for us or seek out dental practices in [LOCATION] using Google, Bing, or other search engines.

Because our website now offers fast load times and a mobile-friendly design in addition to strategic keyword usage, optimized images, and relevant content, we are much more visible in search engine results. This makes it easy for you to find us, and we will have the opportunity to reach new patients and help them with their dental health, too.

Customized Plugins

WordPress offers near-endless customization options through plugins, including appointment schedulers and bill pay portals for your convenience and marketing and email integration for us so we can quickly reach out to you with special offers, news, and information. TheeDigital worked with us to determine our exact needs, what features would benefit our patients, and what would help us reach more people, and then they integrated these plugins right into our web design.

Advanced Photo Options and Galleries

We know a picture is worth a thousand words, now we have a stunning photo gallery to highlight our dental services! From images showing the before and after results of our restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures to some behind-the-scenes shots of our equipment, you’ll see beautiful, informative photos throughout the website and know more about our services.

In addition to the photo gallery, there’s also a new team member gallery where you can meet everyone here at [PRACTICE NAME], read our bios, and learn more about us so you can connect with everyone and get to know us a bit better.

An Onsite Blog to Share Information

We love sharing the latest goings-on here at [PRACTICE] along with providing more in-depth information about dental health, so you can keep your smile as bright and healthy as possible between appointments. That’s why we love having an onsite blog that lets us easily post helpful articles or practice news. Check it frequently so you can stay up-to-date!

An Integrated Contact Form

If you just have a simple question, would like to request information, or even want to give feedback, the online contact form is a convenient tool. Instead of having to call during business hours or track down our email, the contact form is a fast method of communication. For our team, all of the customer information is in one place so we can quickly respond to communication from one source.

Homepage Slideshow to Promote Featured Content

We love our new slideshow at the top of our home page so we can feature a new service or run a promotion and make sure no one misses out. It’s right there on the homepage so it’s the first thing you see when you visit – no more need to search around for additional information. Plus, it’s easy to swap out the slides and images as we change our featured content.

Appointment Scheduling Tool

We know you don’t always have time to call our office during business hours to schedule your appointment, and now, you don’t have to. We have integrated an appointment scheduling tool right into the website so you can easily schedule your appointment for the day and time that works best for your needs. Our team can get back with you using your preferred method of contact to quickly confirm your appointment.

Online Chat

While we always try to respond quickly to email and messages, if you need to speak with someone fast, we offer an online chat button to reach out fast. Whether you have an emergency or just want to ask a quick question, you’ll get a near-immediate response, while we have the opportunity to better understand your needs and ensure the best experience possible.

Event Calendar Integration

The event calendar allows us to create and manage events that we host or participate in. We can set the time, date, and image for each event and include more details about it on our website. It also allows you to see what will be going on at [PRACTICE], and give you and the community a chance to get involved!

Patient Portal

With an integrated patient portal, you now have a secure place to fill out new patient paperwork, make a payment, and access your records from anywhere. You’ll save time at your appointments, have total access to your information whenever you need it, and so much more!

We are proud of the new [PRACTICE] website, and we hope you like it, too! When we decided to take the leap and update our website, we discovered TheeDigital through Google. After meeting with the team, we felt confident that they understood our goals – creating an excellent patient experience, improving communication with you, and being able to reach a broad audience. They were not only able to help us realize our goals, they created a website that perfectly represents our mission and values.

Be sure to browse around and explore some of the new features, read our blog, and check out our photos and videos about our dental services. If you are interested in finding out more about custom web design or internet marketing, visit our friends at TheeDigital.com.