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Your couches, recliners, and covered dining room chairs see a lot of traffic. It’s not the busy kind of traffic that your carpets see, instead of walking, your couches and furniture see more sitting, laying, lounging, and relaxing. After all, at the end of the day, we just want to kick back and put our feet up as we relax with our pets and family. But feet, pets, snacks and drinks – that all leads to spills, embedded dirt, dander, and stains. If your couch is looking a bit dirty, or there are stains that no amount of scrubbing seems to remove, we offer professional upholstery cleaning in Raleigh to revitalize your furniture and improve the health of your home.

Why Is Professional Upholstery Cleaning Important?


The number one reason you should have your upholstery cleaned by a pro is for health. Just like your carpet, upholstery fibers hold on to dirt, dander, bacteria, and moisture that can lead to mold spores. These unhealthy allergens can trigger respiratory distress and allergy symptoms while germs and bacteria can make you sick. Professional cleaning removes these allergens and sanitizes your surfaces, leaving behind a healthy, clean surface you can relax on safely.

Extend the Life of Your Furniture

When you buy a sofa, loveseat, or other upholstered piece, you expect it to last, but dirt and debris can cause it to wear out faster. Dirt particles embed into the fabric and increases the friction on the fibers. This increased friction leads to the fabric to wear down, causing visible holes and increasing the likelihood of rips and tears.

Professional upholstery cleaning breaks up and removes the dirt and dust, reducing the friction on your fibers and increasing your furniture’s lifespan. Over several years, this can save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Restore a Clean, Like-New Appearance

Your furniture is a necessity, but it’s also an important part of your home’s decor and appearance. Dirty, stained furniture, makes your home look run-down. Even if you try cleaning the fabric yourself, store-bought cleaners don’t penetrate the fabric and break up stains. Professionals are able to safely and effectively revitalize your furniture, restoring it to a like-new appearance and eliminating stains and spots.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning in Raleigh

Make sure the upholstered furniture at your business is clean, safe, and healthy for both your employees and your clients. Having stained couches and dirty chairs can be off-putting and make your commercial spaces look rundown, but with professional cleaning, you can transform your waiting areas, office spaces, and employee break rooms.

Even more than at home, office and business furnishings need to be professionally cleaned regularly. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning at least once a year, though depending on the amount of traffic and industry, more frequent cleanings may be necessary.

Why Choose ProGreen Carpet for Upholstery Restoration?

At ProGreen Carpet, our team of technicians bring experience, dedication, and a powerful cleaning process to your home or office. We know how to properly care for a wide variety of fabrics and materials to get the best possible results and can take on the toughest dirt and stains without damaging delicate upholstery.

You can also feel confident that our cleaning solutions are safe for home use and eco-friendly, so you never have to worry about toxic fumes or dangerous chemicals in your home or business.

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Instead of putting up with dirty furniture or making space in your budget to replace it, we can revitalize it! In addition to serving Raleigh, we also provide upholstery cleaning in Durham, so no matter where you are in the Triangle, you can call us to get rid of upholstery stains, odors, and dirt. For a free estimate, fill out our contact form below or call us at (919) 332 3039.

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