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Your family and visitors come in contact with multiple home and workplace surfaces during the course of a day. Furniture and office partitions top the list. Fortunately, professional upholstery cleaning from Progreen Carpet eliminates dirt, dust and other pollutants that collect in the fabric and crevices of your furniture and compromise air quality. At the same time, food particles and oil and grease from hands are easily transferred to the fabrics on the furnishings in your home, office, or workplace. From desk chairs to couches, these furnishings take on a high level of dirt and grime. Fortunately, ProGreen Carpet knows how to fight back.

Clean Upholstery at Home and Work

At ProGreen Carpet, our powerful furniture cleaning process creates a cleaner, healthier environment. But it also protects your investment. No need to incur the expense of reupholstering or buying new. We get the same results—for less. Don’t settle for anything less than professional upholstery maintenance and furniture cleaning. Tough dirt requires a powerful clean with a delicate touch. ProGreen Carpet has that formula. From years of experience, we know that some fabrics may require a more delicate system. We’ll perform an on-site analysis of your furnishings to determine the safest and most effective furniture cleaning method for your situation. We also know that most manufacturers recommend professional Upholstery maintenance & Furniture Cleaning every 12 to 24 months, depending on use. Some workplace environments experience consistently high levels of wear and may require more frequent furniture maintenance.

Upholstery Before and After Results

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