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There is nothing nicer than pulling in your driveway and being proud of how your home looks. When you choose to hire professional power washing service, you’ll enjoy a clean, sparkling exterior that elevates the look of your home and adds immediate curb appeal. 

Power or pressure washing also reduces maintenance while boosting your home’s value by up to 10 percent, according to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers. Very few home maintenance projects offer this kind of return on investment!

Why Is Pressure Washing Right For Your Home

The Raleigh climate is not kind to your home’s exterior, whether it’s wood, siding, or brick. Just think of everything your home is exposed to: 

  • Pollen
  • Dirt particles
  • Grease and smoke from cooking out
  • Plant and tree sugars
  • Mildew  
  • Mold

All of these attack your home, making it look dirty and run down. Even worse, they can also corrode and fade your paint, requiring expensive and time-consuming exterior painting and repairs, especially on wood and vinyl siding. When dirt, mildew, and other residues build up on stone, brick, and stucco, it can trap more dirt and attract insects and pests, often leading to an infestation inside your home!

Having your home professionally power washed to remove the dirt and grime will not only keep it looking great, it will reduce your maintenance costs, too!

Choosing Professional Power Washing

When it comes to house washing, you could rent a machine and do it yourself. After all, it won’t take long and how hard can it be, right? 

  • Pressure washing machines can be dangerous. The stream comes out at several thousand pounds per square inch, which is ideal for removing tree sap, mildew, and caked on dirt from siding, but it can cause bruising and laceration to the skin.  
  • You may inadvertently damage your home. Someone who is inexperienced is more likely to just point the hose at the house and start spraying, but it’s absolutely essential to take care when doing this and leave it to someone experienced. Otherwise, you could spray under the siding, causing mold to grow, short out electrical outlets and light fixtures, or strip caulk from your windows. 
  • A rented machine may not be strong enough. Rental machines get a lot of mileage and they may not be properly maintained, which can lead them to losing pressure and effectiveness. This leads to you wasting time and money.
  • Professionals are insured. When you hire a pro to do the job, you’re getting a company who is insured, so if something does happen (and it rarely does!), you’re not out anything!
  • Professional power washing saves you time. Instead of spending your weekend scrubbing your house, wouldn’t you rather spend that time doing what you love – hanging out with your family, going to the movies, spending a day at the lake…Let us take care of the maintenance so you can enjoy your free time!

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