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How to Remove Old Carpet Stains

Most of us have lived in a rented apartment or older home at some point in our lifetimes. With these types of properties come a greater chance for old carpet stains or, even scarier, unidentified carpet stains.

Even if the older carpet is in a home where you have been the only occupant, you may still have one or more stains about which you have forgotten. After all, even the most well-maintained of homes have dirt, dust and bacteria left on their carpeting after the vacuuming is done.

Thankfully, Progreen Carpet Cleaning can treat carpet stains of all origins and timelines. Our professionals have the skills, training, equipment and experience to restore your carpet to its best possible condition. But if you want the best DIY methods for old carpet stains, unidentified carpet stains or that forgotten carpet stain you just uncovered, try the tips below.

Simple Tricks for Old Carpet Stains

Old carpet stains are just like spills left for days on your clothing before you do laundry. Once the staining pigments have set into the fabric, it is harder to get these blemishes out. This is why it is usually best to clean a carpet stain before it dries and has a chance to set in.

But have no fear! You can simply rehydrate your old carpet stain or forgotten carpet stain to turn back the clock on the problem. Each of the forgotten carpet stain cleaning methods below use liquids to reactivate the offending staining agents, so you can (hopefully) blot or lift them away.

Regardless of your carpet stain’s age, there are some important things to remember. These dos and don’ts include:

  • Never scrub the stain because this only sets it more deeply into the fibers
  • Use a clean white cloth to blot stains
  • Never use a colored towel on the carpeting because the towel’s dye can transfer to your flooring
  • Treat stains from their outer edges to their middle
  • Always test spot cleaner on a hidden area of the carpet to ensure it is safe for your floors

Two Types of Carpet Stains

There are two main types of carpet stains. The first type is water-soluble, stains that dissolve in water. The second type is non-soluble, stains that do not dissolve in water. Water-soluble stains, whether freshly spilled on your carpet or old carpet stains from years ago, are easier to clean than those not soluble in water.

Water-soluble stains include:

  • Milk
  • Latex paint
  • Mud
  • Berries
  • Washable ink

Non-soluble stains include:

  • Wine
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Pet stains
  • Blood

Because the type of stain determines the treatment you should use, you may need to test a small part of the old carpet stain or forgotten carpet stain to know its type and what will work to remove it.

Treatments to Remove Old Carpet Stains

Cleaning old carpet stains is never easy. This task requires some patience as you determine which solution may work. Trial-and-error is the best approach to removing forgotten carpet stains, unidentified carpet stains and those that have been on the floor for a while.

Water and Dish Soap
Your best first option is a mix of one cup of room-temperature water with a few drops of dish soap. This mixture is safe for all types of carpeting, even wool blend. Using a white towel, work the solution gently into the stain.

Allow the treatment to sit on the carpet for a few minutes. Then use a clean damp towel to blot the solution away.

Water, Vinegar and Dish Soap
If the first solution does not work, mix two cups of water, a tablespoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of dish soap. Again, apply the solution to the carpet fibers and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

Then, use a clean white cloth dipped in water to blot the treatment. This method typically works best for juice, food coloring and other water-soluble stains.

Baking Soda and Vinegar
If the above options still do not remove your old carpet stain or unidentified carpet stain, try using baking soda and vinegar. First, sprinkle dry baking soda on the stain. Then spray a solution of vinegar, water and dish soap.

To make this solution in a clean spray bottle, combine one cup of vinegar with a cup of warm water and several drops of dish soap. When you apply the liquid to the baking soda, you should notice foaming.

After allowing the sprayed solution to work with the baking soda for a couple of hours, vacuum it away. The baking powder will have hardened and may require breaking it up into smaller pieces.

When DIY Spot Treatments Don’t Work for Old Carpet Stains

If the DIY spot treatments do not work for your old carpet stains, or if cleaning the stain away leaves a noticeable clean spot on a dirty carpet, it is time to call for the professionals’ help.

Progreen Carpet Cleaning specializes in cleaning dirty carpets, old carpets and even forgotten or unidentified carpet stains. In just a few hours, we can restore your carpeting to its most beautiful state. If your carpet needs repairs or stretching, we can also provide these services.

Call Progreen Carpet Cleaning of Durham, NC today at 919-332-3039.

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