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Carpet stretching is one of the most requested services to improve the look of a room. They can do everything from altering the tactile feel of a room to bringing together visual elements while providing some noise dampening qualities. Perhaps you have wall-to-wall carpeting and your carpets are far less perfect than they should be. Imperfections both exist in brand new carpets and develop in aging carpets due to improper installation, heavy traffic, heat, and wear. This can lead to the development of carpets that look loose, fray and other issues that can drastically reduce how functional a carpet is.

Local Carpet Stretching Experts

As your local carpet stretching experts in Durham, NC and surrounding areas, we bring you good news about your aging, worn or just plain imperfect carpets: carpet stretching can fix some of the issues that may exist in your carpet. This is especially true when you hire a ProGreen Carpet as we use a Power Stretcher. This amazing tool takes carpet stretching to another level. Quality carpet stretchers are not practical for most DIYs. Less expensive carpet stretchers simply will not perform as needed, leaving the carpet bumpy and wrinkled.

Durham Carpet Stretching

What Causes Carpets to Develop Problems? Let’s take a look at some of the most common questions about carpet stretching to ensure that you understand everything that you need to know about how it can help your carpet. Carpets, ideally, start out as a matrix of tightly woven fibers. These fibers come together to create a durable and strong material that can withstand countless years of use. The problem is that carpets are never perfect. The creation of carpets leads to certain imperfections. Certain threads may be longer or shorter than others. Some fibers may be thinner. Certain carpet protecting chemicals may be missing or less concentrated in certain areas.

1. Improper Installation:

Even if a carpet is perfect at a microscopic level, the installation of the carpet may be imperfect. Workarounds may be required to ensure that a carpet fits a room perfectly. Slight deviations may be necessary to ensure that the carpet looks and feels as it should in a room that is unique to your home.

2. Heavy Traffic:

If you have a commercial property with carpet as the floor covering of choice, this high traffic area will eventually require stretching. The fibers just can’t handle the constant stress of pressure in the same area over a long period of time. The carpet padding gets low and ultimately the carpet will become loose. You’ll start to notice the carpet buckling or wrinkling. To protect your investment and improve the look stretching is usually a great cure. The same applies to a family home setting with lots of foot traffic.

3. Heat:

The presence of high heat on the carpet will certainly magnify any imperfection over time. Use of the carpet, the presence of mold and bacteria, and the introduction of improper cleaning chemicals are among the chief reasons that even perfect carpets begin to stretch in certain ways. Compound these factors with heat This leads to loose fibers that retain moisture and dirt, create hazards for people walking on the carpet, and give areas for pets to “play” with the carpet. If left untreated, these problems drastically reduce the life and beauty of a carpet.

What is the Difference Between Stretching and Repair?

Stretching is different from carpet repair. The former is more of a preventative measure designed to repair small amounts of cosmetic damage while carpet repair fixes the damage that has occurred to your carpet. One of the symptoms of needing your carpet stretched is the carpet doesn’t reside flush with the floor beneath it. If someone catches this carpeting just the right way, they run the risk of ripping the carpet. This damage can seriously hurt your carpet while making it substantially more vulnerable to further damage.

Stretching solves these problems while removing the excess that may exist within your carpet. Repair aims to fix problems that may have developed within the carpet that simple stretching doesn’t address. Worn fibers, rips, tears, water damage, and stains are just a few things that proper carpet repair can fix. To determine if your carpet needs stretching or repair, contact us for an estimate.

Carpet Stretching Before and After Results

Does Your Carpet Need Stretching? Power Stretcher is a tool that a professional carpet expert should use to repair your carpet and minimize the vulnerability of your carpet to future damage. Your carpet may need this stretching if:

  • .. you notice “uneven” spots on your carpet.
  • … you see spaces developing between your carpet’s threads.
  • … the carpet has experienced water damage.
  • … your home’s foundation has shifted.
  • … the carpet was installed improperly.

Should You Wait to Have Stretching Done?

The problems presented by carpets that don’t quite fit tend to be relatively minor. They can persist for years without causing damage to the carpet, particularly if those areas aren’t in contact with any dangers. The problem is that defects in your carpet tend to look poor and detract from the longevity of your carpet. Someone, whether it’s Fido or yourself after a long day’s work, will eventually pull out that piece of carpet that sticks out in the corner. This could lead to an unnecessary costly repair or the complete replacement of your carpet.

Don’t Wait

The best practice is to stretch your carpet as soon as possible. This prevents further damage and contains the damage that led to your carpet deforming. It also keeps your carpet from acting as a hazard to children, the elderly and yourself.

Should You Buy a New Carpet or Opt for Stretching? If your carpet is structurally sound, then carpet stretching is generally both a more affordable option and a less labor-intensive option than replacing your carpet with a new one. This is because carpet stretching tends to be enough to fix the issues that could lead to further damage. If your carpet has already sustained considerable damage, or you dislike the way your carpet matches your room’s decor, then it may be a better option to replace your carpet with a new one. Regardless of your choice, the experts at ProGreen Carpet can ensure that your carpet meets and exceeds your expectations.

Are You Tired of Carpet Imperfections From Tripping to Wrinkles?

There are a variety of solutions for fixing imperfect carpets. From carpet repair to complete replacement of your carpets, each are valid in their own ways.

The problem is that the cost and labor-intensive natures of these solutions are generally outside what most customers want. Even a newly installed carpet can develop wrinkles, rips and other imperfections that can lead to tripping if installed improperly.

Best Solution

The best solution for most owners is to hire a carpet stretching expert. This can effectively and permanently eliminate wrinkles and other problems that could act as hazards for everyone within your home while preventing the development of other damage that could cause the need for your carpet to be prematurely replaced.

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To learn more about the most effective solutions for repairing and treating your carpet right, contact us. We specialize in providing our customers in Raleigh and the surrounding areas with the best solutions for the unique needs of their carpets.

Call us at 919-332-3039 to learn more about Carpet Stretching or to schedule an estimate with one of our experienced team members. We can give you a complete list of your options while helping you to make an informed decision that supports your carpet.

Carpet Stretching FAQs

What is causing my carpet to buckle, wrinkle?

The number one reason is improper installation.
Most of the Carpet Install companies will not stretch your carpets during an installation using a Power Stretcher instead they will use a knee kicker.
Before the carpet is installed, We recommend that the whole roll of new carpet should be in room temperature for about 48-72 hours that way the carpet has plenty of time to acclimate and install a carpet using a professional tool to stretch the carpet properly “Power Stretcher”.

No. Our Company will take care of all the furniture for you.
We will only move the furniture around inside the room.
We don’t have to take it out of the room.

Yes. It would be best to stretch your carpet prior to carpet cleaning due to the memory lines cased by original buckles/wrinkles or waves.

That depends on the overall condition of the carpet how much traffic/stains and how old is the carpet.
If the Carpet have no major issues besides the Buckles/Wrinkles or waves We would definitely recommend to do a Carpet Stretching.

No. Once the proper Carpet Stretching is done using a “Power Stretcher” you will not have any wrinkles on the carpet in that room or area.

Yes. Unlike Carpet Installers will only warranty their job for only a 1 Year We will give a you lifetime warranty for the Carpet Stretching Service on the Areas/Rooms hat have been stretched if the whole room is stretched.

We do recommend to Stretch the entire room due to the Buckles/Wrinkles or waves can develop later on in the areas of the room we have not stretched as well we would NOT Guarantee the work if the whole entire room will not be Carpet Stretched.

Usually Carpet Stretching time takes approximately 15-30 minutes per room but it varies on the amount of the furniture that needs to be moved.

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