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A carpeted floor is soft, comfortable, and provides a feeling of warmth to your spaces. It’s also made for durability, so it can stand up to the wear and tear of constant traffic from everyday life. Over time, damage can happen, and your once lovely carpet can look rundown and threadbare instead of warm and cozy. Fortunately, instead of getting rid of it and buying new flooring, carpet repair in Durham is an effective, affordable solution!

At ProGreen Carpet, we specialize in fixing up damaged patches, ridding you of unsightly wear and tear and restoring your carpet to a like new appearance!

Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Does Carpet Repair Work?

Our technicians have the experience and expertise as well as the latest technologies to provide carpet repair for almost any cause of damage. We don’t just cover stains and discolorations, our near-comprehensive solutions fix damaged fibers that are rough and brittle, bald spots where the sub flooring is visible, as well as repair the carpet backing where lamination may have worn off.

Our Durham carpet repair solutions fix damage from the following factors:

  • Bleached areas from bleach and cleaning chemicals
  • Burns and scorch marks from cigarettes, candles, and clothes irons
  • Set-in stains from ink, coffee, wine, and pet stains and discolorations caused from storebought carpet cleaning chemicals.
  • Buckled or wrinkled-looking carpet may be fixed through carpet stretching.
  • Ripped, frayed, or open seams
  • Pet damage, including chewed or scratched up spaces and stains.

Why Choose Professional Carpet Repair in Durham?

When it comes to damaged, discolored, or warped carpeting, why repair it rather than replace it?

  • The number one reason to choose carpet repair over replacement is cost. Having new carpeting installed can cost thousands of dollars, for just one room in your home, whereas repairs are generally a fraction of the cost.

  • Most repairs are simple and quick to fix. Even the more complicated repairs can generally be completed in a few hours and with minimal interruption for the homeowner. With carpet installation, it’s much more intensive. Baseboards have to be removed, hundreds of square feet of carpet and padding are taken up, and thrown out, then the new padding and carpet are put down. It can take several days and a lot of headache and hassle.

  • Carpet repair is a more sustainable, earth-friendly option. Instead of throwing away hundreds of square feet of perfectly good carpet over a few blemishes or due to a ripped seam, we can fix it and give you several more years of use out of it!

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