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What Damage Can be Repaired Instead of Replaced?

Your carpet is designed to be one of the most durable surfaces in your home. It should be able to withstand an incredible amount of traffic, wear and tear.

Before you think about replacing your carpet, think about repairing it first. ProGreen Carpet specializes in providing you with reliable carper repair services capable of returning your carpet to a condition that is like new.
Let’s examine some of the most common situations where carpet repair is not only needed but also one of the most appropriate actions to take. This can help you save money, headaches, and hassles by opting to repair rather than to replace your carpet.

Pet Damage Carpet Repair

Bleach Spots

Bleach is an extremely powerful chemical. It can make the fibers of your carpet brittle, drain color away from your otherwise glowing rug, and exist as one of the most irritating problems with your carpet.
Trying to repair these stains yourself may lead to significantly more problems than you can fix.
When you want to repair your bleach stains, then contact us. We specialize in the speedy removal of bleach stains so your carpet can look magnificent once more.

Burn Marks

Cigarettes, dropped clothes irons, heated floor lamps and stray embers from your fireplace all have one thing in common: they can singe your carpet. When this happens, you may think that your carpet is impossible to fix. Those brown or black marks may seem like they’re going to stay there until you completely replace your carpet.

By utilizing advanced techniques and new technologies, we can take those burn marks right out of your carpet. We can make your carpet look as good as new without having to worry about side effects like discoloration.


Some spots on your carpet may be the side effect of blood, candle wax, drinks, food, gum, ink and a plethora of other side effects. Even if you manage to remove them with over-the-counter stain removal solutions, they may still discolor your carpet. We specialize in removing these spots. We can repair discoloration in your carpet to make it look like it was never there.


There are a plethora of reasons as to why your carpet may “buckle” or appear less uniform than it should. The lamination may be worn on the back of the carpet. High amounts of traffic, poor installation techniques, and soiling can warp the carpet fibers. We can take a look at your carpet and determine if carpet stretching can repair your carpet. You may be able to get a significant number of years out of your carpet by choosing to undergo this relatively routine process.

Pet Damage

Some homeowners are faced with the choice of their carpet or their pets, but you shouldn’t have to pick one or the other. The damage your pets may have done to your floors can be repaired. Bald spots, stains, wrinkles and other damage caused by your pets can be fixed by our amazing services.

Open and Worn Seams

Seam damage can be a visible eyesore and a real danger. People who walk on the carpet can trip over these seams, which in turn can result in serious injury. If you have frayed, open, torn or worn seams, then let us help. We can re-seam the area utilizing out a considerable amount of carpet repair experience, which can make your carpet look fantastic once more.

Carpet Repair Before and After Results

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