Carpet Cleaning Raleigh


Like an incredibly popular cartoon likes to suggest, there’s more to carpet cleaning than first meets the eye. A carpet that looks clean can be incredibly dirty because only the visible parts have been cleaned, which in turn can lead to disgusting smells every time the humidity reaches a certain point. Particularly aggressive cleaning can also harm the longevity of a carpet. It can break down the fibres, soak the pad with water, and cause damage that can be troublesome to remedy. That’s why you need a carpet cleaning company in Raleigh, NC that you can trust. Let’s take a look at some of the things that a professional carpet cleaning should have if you want to ensure that you have top-of-the-line service that won’t kill your carpet.

1. The Right Techniques The first step that should be employed by any carpet cleaning company is an assessment of the state of any customer’s carpets. This means determining what type of material, the age, the condition, what kind of messes it may have been exposed to, and so on. Determining these things lays the foundation for ensuring the longevity of the carpet, a reduction of any stains and an extremely satisfactory final product. Without this basic foundation, simple errors are made. These mistakes can leave lasting damage that results in everything from a poor result to damage that could lead to the carpet requiring replacement.

2. Avoiding Certain Practices Certain practices like the use of chemical cleaners and shampoos seem to be common in the carpet industry, but these are two practices that we generally avoid when trying to clean a carpet without causing damage. The reason for this is that these practices often introduce a large amount of water to the carpet. This water is ineffectively removed, which in turn causes damage that can remain unseen until the next cleaning occurs. The other reason to avoid these practices is that they may not be as effective as other methods of cleaning. Dry shampooing, which involves using a special powder mixture and a vacuum cleaner, can sometimes remove dirt while masking odours. The problem is that these chemicals can make a royal mess if they ever get wet, and they may ultimately damage the carpet.

3. Using the Right Equipment and Cleaning Techniques When you’re choosing a reputable carpet cleaning company, you want to ensure that they engage in the right techniques while using the right equipment. This may not always mean that they utilise top-of-the-line equipment, but they do need to know what works with your unique carpet. When we clean carpets, we assess the makeup of the carpets first. This means we evaluate the fibres, the padding beneath the carpet, the dirt apparent on the carpet and any previous cleaning that has been done. This helps us to make a more complete picture of the carpet, which is essential for the cleaning process. The next step we employ is to match the right cleaning technique and equipment with the carpet. In most cases, this means that we utilise a type of steam cleaning. This allows us to minimise the amount of water that gets used, refrain from introducing potentially harmful chemicals to the carpet, and remove any stubborn dirt. Depending upon the amount of dirt, we can employ certain equipment that is designed to remove dirt from the top of the carpet or all the way down near the padding. When we’re done, we make sure that your carpets smell, feel and look as new as possible. Don’t Trust Your Carpets to Just Anyone While it may look as if it’s a simple task to clean a carpet, there is a certain amount of required knowledge to ensure that your carpet gets cleaned properly and safely. Anything less than this knowledge will result in unfortunate accidents that can cost you a new carpet or sub-floor. Rather than leaving your carpets at the whim of anyone, choose our carpet cleaning solutions in Raleigh, NC. We have years of experience treating all types of carpets, which in turn allows us to safely assess what your carpet needs. This minimise the risk to your carpet and helps to ensure that our carpet cleaning results are favourable. We can clean: Wine stains Dirt Smells Some water damage Pet hair and dander Dingy, lacklustre carpets… and more. We understand that a beautiful carpet is often the hallmark of a beautiful home or business, which in turn means that our services continue to provide value to our customers. To learn more about what makes our carpet cleaning services in Raleigh, NC unique, or to inquire about scheduling an appointment, contact us today. We can assess your carpet’s unique needs, address any concerns that you might have, and provide you with superior service that will keep you returning to us for more.