Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning In Raleigh, Durham, & Surrounding Areas

One of the first things your guests see when they arrive at your home is the driveway, followed by the walkway to your front door. And believe it or not, but most people usually notice the condition of it since they’ll be looking right at it as they walk. If you’ve never thought about your concrete this way, now you will. Cement has been around for thousands of years and it’s not likely to disappear anytime in the distant future. It’s durable and lasts a years. But regardless of its strength, concrete is porous and collects lots of dirt, stains, tree sap, and mildew.

We Make Concrete Driveway, Walkways and Sidewalks Look New Again

Cleaning concrete is hard work, especially if the right equipment isn’t being used, which is why this type of work is better left to professionals that are properly equipped for concrete cleaning. An experienced contractor can usually perform the work in a day where it would take most home owners a solid weekend or longer just to achieve mediocre results. Progreen Carpet is equipped with all the best tools and cleaning products to make you concrete driveway, walkways and sidewalk look new again. We’ll remove the spots and stains, so you don’t have to.

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